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Development policy aims at generating sustainable and inclusive growth, increasing income and creating decent work with respect to the environment, and providing small-scale entrepreneurs with new opportunities. It is in this context that “value chain promotion” has emerged as a key concept of economic development. The value chain approach helps development programmes to address issues of economic change that are critical for sustainable development. Business communities need to get much better organised and become more market-oriented. The investment of government and private enterprises has to be coordinated and sustainability standards need to get introduced. Building on these ideas, GIZ has developed an action-oriented methodology called ValueLinks 2.0 that compiles the most important tools for value chain promotion. It provides the framework for a systemic approach to strengthening national and regional competitiveness and includes know-how for organisations and public agencies active in the field of economic development.

Objectives of the seminar

The objective is to enhance the skills of participants in designing, implementing and monitoring value chain upgrading projects. The know-how covers both technical subjects and facilitation skills to work with groups of entrepreneurs, business associations and public institutions.


The seminar is organised jointly by the two consulting companies IDC Unternehmensberatung and ECO-Consult in Germany. IDC runs ValueLinks training seminars regularly in different countries since 2008 and both companies implemented ValueLinks online training seminars jointly for few years for GIZ/AIZ.


The training seminar is intended to serve consultants, planners and practitioners at development agencies, consulting firms, government organizations and business associations.

Main contents of the training seminar

The seminar gives participants a profound introduction into the concept and methodology of ValueLinks 2.0, which is one of the most recognised VC development approaches and currently implemented by a large number of programmes worldwide. The training follows an interactive method, in which the presentation of concepts, facts and methodology alternates with exercises to apply hands-on tools and know-how to concrete cases. Participants apply the concepts in working group sessions and get insight into real-world practice.

In particular, the training covers the following subjects:

  • Introducing the value chain promotion concept and the general terms used at the interface of sustainable development and inclusive growth
  • Selecting high potential value chains
  • Mapping and analysing value chains
  • Developing a vision and strategy for chain upgrading
  • Process design and facilitation skills for working with chain actors and engaging in public-private partnerships
  • Introducing innovative business models
  • Facilitating horizontal and vertical market linkages
  • Promoting improved business services
  • Strengthening financial service arrangements
  • Introducing standards on product quality and safety
  • Improving the business climate of value chains
  • Conducting impact monitoring in value chain projects.

Training Material

Participants will receive the complete set of ValueLinks presentations and additional material in electronic form.

Venue and duration

The seminar will take place online in 2 blocks of 2.5 days each using MS Teams.


The seminar language will be English.

Registration and Fees

The net training fee is EUR 1.150 per participant plus 19% VAT (early booking fee until March 31).

Testimonies of former participants

“ValueLinks 2.0, is a great tool for value chain development. It will be good if this module is introduced to as many developing countries (governments/Ministry of Agriculture), as possible.”

“Highly interactive group work activities were perfect for the settings. Variety of tools/templates shared, which will be very applicable in work. Break and lunch scheduling were perfect. The facilitators work well together and have a very good energy and tried their best to engage everyone etc.”

“The two facilitators were on top of the course. I am indeed grateful for their contributions toward my upgrade as far as working with stakeholders and actors are concerned. I strongly recommend Valuelink to all Technical Advisors.”

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